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We want everyone to have unlimited access to travel the world. Like the explorers that discovered new lands, today we are creating a new map of the world: one that is accessible to all. We invite you to take part in this adventure

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To travel without limits , Trust in the leadership  of our experienced and knowledgeable travel companions and guides, meet new friends and have the best time of your life.

My name is Damir and I live in Tel Aviv, the city that never sleeps on the Meadle East! I am a professional Guide that specialized on accessible for all adventures !
Hello everybody , my name is Tatyana , I passioned about travelling and I knew every attraction in my wonderful country ! Would be happy to show you historical sites , unforgatable views and to guide you or to help you with any information you need about accessible for all travel to Israel
Paris is the city described in novels by Alexandre Dumas and Honoré de Balzac. It is the city filmed by Woody Allen and Jean-Pierre Jeunet. Walking along the streets of Paris, you read the pages of its history as if you would read a book - from the Middle Ages to the majestic XIX century, and after to the bohemian XX century. In this city you will find together luxury of royal squares, greatness o...
Hi there, my name is Itamar Dvir and I am a licensed tour guide since 2012 and a social worker. After travelling several months all over the world I realized the incredibleness of my home country and I decided to participate in a two-years guiding course that got me even more excited of guiding here in Israel. Right after my graduation from the course, I decided to discover Israel by foot and s...